K$B Hold 'Em Hive Poker League

At a Glance

Live Play (not online)

A points-based, No Limit Texas Hold 'Em tournament poker league, seating up to 20 players/game, using Roberts Rules of Poker V11

Seasons - 8 games per season, 4 seasons per year

4 Seasonal championships per year

Annual Tournament of Champions - for the seasonal champions from the past 2 years

Games run using The Tournament Director (clock, player stats, track standings)

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The Hive

WiFi available

50" TV (sports, PokerGo)


1. Seating for 20 players max per game

2. $30 buy in, unlimited rebuys allowed for first 70 minutes

3. All money goes to the prize pool (no fees/rake for the house)

4. 1600 starting chips (160 BB, M=106, no antes) rebuys get 1300 chips

5. League Blind Structure

6. Target duration - game wrapped up in 4-5 hours

7. Prize breakdown depends on total number of buy ins

8. Every player gets a points score for each tournament played, based on the following:

a. Rank

b. Challenge level of the tournament (more players, more buyins add challenge)

c. Fewer rebuys

d. Participation (points for just showing up!)

9. Locations

a. Primarily - K$B Hold Em Hive

b. Occasionally - guest host locations

c. Every so often (as infrequently as possible) - online @Poker Stars

d. Note: guest hosts and Poker Stars will be used to work around bad weather, vacations, etc. The show must go on!


8 tournaments per season (4 seasons per year)

Seasonal Championships

8-9 player championship game at the end of each season


1. Each tournament winner and

2. Top scoring non-winners to fill out 8 seats and

3. One player not otherwise qualified, chosen by lot from pool of players who played all 8 games

Championship Tournament Details

1. Starting chip stack - based on qualifying points

2. Buy in amount - set by agreement of the players

3. Prize pool breakdown is 80% - 20%

Annual Tournament of Champions - Trophy Event

1. Seasonal Champions from the last two years

2. Buy in amount - set by agreement of the players (8 players or less)

3. Rotating Championship Trophy awarded to the winner

4. All other details are TBD

League Statistics

Player, Game, Season, League statistics maintained by The Tournament Director V. 3.7.2

Scoring formula to be published here soon

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